LG Ing

Ing Lim

Ing Lim is our veteran with nearly 26 years of experience at the highest level.

His background at The Academy of Fine Arts Ing helped develop an exceptionally good eye for finding and identifying remarkable film locations.

Ing combines his eye for beauty with an eye for the practical, creating the perfect match for a location manager.


LG Tijn

Tijn Heerkens

With over 21 years of location managing experience, no one knows better than Tijn Heerkens how to run a film set. His new company Locatiewerk, is the leading location equipment rental company in The Netherlands and specializes in providing location support equipment needed on any kind of film set. Locatiewerk has an impressive fleet of modern Mercedes Sprinter vans dedicated to location support, make-up and wardrobe. Tijn also custom built a two stories telescopic “Skyliner” production trailer that is a ‘must have’ on your film shoot!



Thijs Bolle

Thijs Bolle has over 12 years experience in location management & location fixing for Dutch & foreign Film and TV productions. He covers the entire country and has contacts in every city, town or region. Amsterdam is his backyard and where he can source and arrange any location, quickly and confidently. Thijs is quick to think on his feet and can adapt and find solutions to any situation that is thrown at him.


LG Maarten

Maarten Buurlage

Maarten Buurlage has worked as a location manager for going on 10 years. He remains fascinated by the variety of people he comes in contact with, their ambitions and interests and the great challenge of finding practical solutions to demanding situations with the ultimate aim of staying true to the creative goals of the project.